Gotemba and Ashidawa Experience

Japan Chronicles 5 – Gotemba Outlet and Ashidawa Experience

To continue the 4th day of our trip last May 21, 2013, we headed to the famous Gotemba Outlet.  You’ll probably be surprised if I say that you can get branded items here for a cheaper price. Who would have thought that there are cheaper items in Japan! You just need to catch the season when the outlet goes on sale so that you can even get the items way cheaper.


Not that I can vouch completely for this statement but other travelers we have met in the trip can prove this based on their other travel experience. What did I get? I was able to purchase this bag from North Face for about P4800 where they offer the same bag in the Philippines for about P10,000. Now that’s a bargain!


If you have limited time for Gotemba Outlet, then better plan it well. The stores span far distances that there is a bridge to cross the other parts of the outlet. There were many stores to see so having the map was quite handy to us. Plan well for an enjoyable experience!



If and only if you have time, enjoy the kiosk in the area. We definitely enjoyed the wasabi sauce that came with the nuggets of McDonald’s.


For the night, we headed to Ashidawa Hotel by the Lake Kawaguchi, so that we’d be closer to Mt. Fuji because it was our destination the next day. It was a memorable experience staying in Ashidawa as the hotel offers a unique experience of tatami mats. I felt like Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai when they told us to “dress” up for the evening meal.


When we got to the rooms to change to our proper dining attire, we were welcomed by tatami floors, sliding doors and cushions. I was glad that there were at least cushions because I don’t think I can survive the night like the Japanese before. I was also glad that the bathrooms were western too.


So maybe we didn’t expect the attire to be this way. They look like the room robes so we were hesitant in dressing up that way. Upon seeing all of us in the tour wearing the same outfit, we felt comfy looking funny together. We had lots of pictures that evening and enjoyed a very sumptuous meal. It was too much for one person and I thoroughly enjoyed the selection of food. Memorable indeed! Now this is what I was talking about.


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