That Feeling

I may not remember names neither can I remember some things I’m “supposed” to have known about people but I will remember the unique feeling momentous experiences bring. To me, it is actually this particular thing that makes something unforgettable. When I look back at those experiences, I feel like it were just yesterday when those moments occurred. These are one of the things I like to live for.


That moment when my toes enjoyed the white sand of Kata Beach in Phuket. It was a pure and genuine moment of joy. I was alone at that time, waiting for Gadis to arrive from her island hopping. I was enjoying my alone time knowing that I was going to fly back home, to end one wonderful journey – the exchange program that was.

That moment when I was still in Grade 2 when my parents weren’t there to pick me up after cheering practice. We were so few in school already until this high school student decided to wait until I got picked up. It was a moment of joy and gratefulness that I could not explain.

That moment when I graduated last summer when I let my mom and dad wear one of my medals each as I crossed the stage. It was utter joy seeing them beam with pride. My parents supported my academics ever since I was in grade school. Once again, I can say I did my best and it made my parents proud.

That moment when I was doing a particular stunt I’ve been curious about doing ever since I was in college. I was finally able to do it! As I watched my feet lift from the ground I always wondered how it happened. I cannot seem to scientifically understand the rationale behind the lift but I am glad I did it!


That moment when I went snorkeling in Bohol. I’ve never been surrounded with that many fish under the sea. It was momentous freezing in my position as I watched the colorful school of fish move before my eyes. I wanted to poke them just to remind myself it was real indeed!

That moment when I shared a wonderful experience with my officemates to represent our organization. It may not impact my measures in the company but having met really great people inspires me every day. It keeps the trail ablaze.


Lastly, I will not forget the feeling every moment you make me feel loved. I thought there was a point where it was all going to end but you turned it over again. I can only hope to love you as much as you love me. It is unforgettable.

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