What Friday?

Today felt like a Friday. It’s that type of feeling where you long for endless rest but reality sets in, your mind comes back to reality and knocks the fantasy right out of you. Oh gosh, it’s just a Monday. What was I thinking?

These past few days and weeks have been an emotional whirlwind. Not that I drowned myself to tears, it was more of the different challenges and circumstances that challenged my emotional being almost breaking me completely, but not quite. Maybe one day, I’ll just completely break and it would nevertheless be good but today is not the day. What seemed like just another exhausting day has brought about many memorable moments I shall be grateful for.

To my mom who unconditionally packs lunch for me whenever I ask every morning. Mind you, it’s not easy preparing for someone else when you know you can just get warm in bed and sleep longer.

To my parents who have worked so hard to bring us children to where we are now. You guys have definitely made life much easier and comfortable. I will forever be grateful.

To the kuya guard, other kuya’s and other ate’s in the office who greet me every day. I salute you for keeping the energy. You always make my day!

To Arlene for being a really great lunch buddy! The sound of lunch is what I long for during the day and having you as company makes it sweeter.

To other lunch buddies who make lunch time more interesting. I’m grateful to be surrounded by brilliant people whom I learn from every single day.

To Mark and Marion whom I had dinner with. You guys don’t know how relieved having company tonight was.

To Reg who never fails to make me smile!

To my bros who make me believe.

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About Mariel Tan

Artist at heart who shares the spice in her life. Visit my blogs: https://marieltan.wordpress.com/ https://joiedevivremariel.wordpress.com/


  1. Oh man – those are long weeks when you wake up on Monday thinking about Friday. I was thinking about more sleep when I woke up just a few minutes before my alarm – couldn’t just turn over.
    Sorry to hear about the rough stretch.


  2. when we believe, we start on that journey that turns our dreams into reality



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