The Glaze To My Doughnut

You know what, today would have been just another ordinary day, but you happened. I may not say it enough so let me write it so I can always come back to this day and remember those tiny things you always do for me. Let it be known to the world how lucky I am to have known such a great guy like you.

Personal Musings - The Glaze Oct 16 2013

It’s when you patiently wait for me. It’s when I know you could be doing something more important but you choose to make sure I’m okay before you leave. It’s when you know you’re farther from your destination just to be with me. It’s when you listen to my nonsense just to be my outlet. It’s when you always try to make me comfortable when you know are just as tired. It’s when I ask you what you want but you know that I already know what I want. It’s when you look at me and I know I’m just safe when I’m with you.

You moved me today. It may have been just another day to you but it was extraordinary to me. Thank you.

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