I’m back!

After two years, I’m finally back in Singapore. It’s that weird bittersweet feeling again. A part of me is ecstatic to be back because I missed the convenience and efficiency of the country but a part of me got reminded of the isolated feeling the country brings. I’m not sure if it’s just the culture or the absence of the people I care for. I guess back in the Philippines, more people just smiled even after a long day’s work.

I arrived yesterday night after a long day of processing documents and finishing some things for work. Heaven sent, a friend of my sister’s whom I also knew was coincidentally in the same row as I was on the plane, one seat away, but she was technically my seatmate as no one occupied the middle seat during the trip. Though I didn’t know her that well, there was definitely some comfort having her around.

Upon arriving in SG, I experienced the learning curve pain again. In fact, I experienced it again until I got to the office this morning. Thank goodness I made enough time buffer for mistakes. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will be better adjusted and ready for the day. I’m not going to dwell on the pain. I just know I had a great dinner, bought my comfort food for the night and I am now comfortably situated in bed with my warm comforter while watching TV as I work. Now this is what I call peace.

I am looking forward for a great breakfast and a good day of training tomorrow. I am also looking forward to meeting new people, seeing my friends working in SG and buying some books from my favorite bookstore, Kinokuniya!!! Have a nice day, everyone!

Personal Musings - I'm back Oct 22 2013

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