Motivations of a Guilty Girl

I’m guilty for…

  • The loads of Chunky Chocolate Chips Ahoy that I ate last week.
  • The chunks of oily but delicious pork chop slabs from Conti’s last weekend
  • The bag of Cheetos which I ate with ketchup and coffee after dinner awhile ago.
  • The loads of red and green Haribo gummy bears I ate while working today.
  • The pieces of chicken drumsticks I ate in KFC last week.
  • The spicy drumstick and wings from KFC yesterday.
  • The spoonfuls of Batangas sweet meat that I have missed.
  • The sumptuous Mango Bravo slices from Conti’s last weekend.
  • The plate full of potatoes, sausage, cream cheese and bacon from Marche.
  • The cup of super chocolatey Swiss ice cream from Marche.
  • The 3 plates of breakfast from Mandarin Orchard buffet which I had four times last week.
  • The bag of Ruffles and pack of brownies I munched on my own in bed while watching TV and working last week.

I don’t regret them. In fact, I look for the guilty moments to feel alive. It reminds me that there is life for me to enjoy despite the guilty feeling it sometimes brings. Today, I have yet again proven that, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” I don’t know what epiphany that happened but I’m suddenly on track to my healthy routines. I’m now less sluggish. I make time to take care of my skin even though the bed calls me right after brushing my teeth. I have found more time to write here in my blog. I feel happy and motivated once again!

Personal Musings - Motivations Oct 29 2013

Today was another mini milestone in my life. I’ve always wanted to know the feeling of being able to exercise after work. I always had the guilty thought that if I spent time exercising on a work day, I’ll feel bad for not spending time on work. After five months, the intensity of the work has not changed. I need to accept that things are just the way it is. It’s a matter of fitting everything with the time that is given. That’s life. Today, I went home early, had healthy dinner at the right time, swam 800 meters, had a good and relaxing bath and fortunately had fruits and a great conversation with my mom and brothers.

My workaholic self will find time to work thereafter but that’s just the way I choose to do things. What’s different this time is that I have slowly managed to squeeze in those happy moments in between the stressful ones. Time will never be enough for the hungry!

My guilty self had these motivations…

  • My pants got a bit tighter when I wore them this morning.
  • My calf muscles ached in the 10-minute walk to the station this afternoon. This definitely means I’m in bad shape.
  • I’ve noticed my legs have been extra jiggly lately. Where have my muscles gone? I need to reach the fitness point where I’m strong enough to go boxing again. Let it be done!
  • My brother’s wedding is in two weeks and I better fit my dress that fit just right last weekend.

My life will always be busy because I make it busy. If I want to do something, then I better do something about it. I just have to do what I love and love what I do with much excellence and passion. No fear! If I fail, then I fail. There’s no way but up!

Strange though, as I swam, there was this cat that watched me swim in the garden. I got goosebumps while swimming. I felt like some spirit was watching me, or did it just think I was a big fish? It was a bit freaky for an evening swim! Have a good day!!

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