Marche, Forever Favorite

My love for Marche will never waver. This has always been one of my favorite restaurants in Singapore. They have exactly what I love – potatoes, sausages, roast chicken, steak, fresh juice, and a good variety of desserts. ย They also have all sorts of bread and cheese, pasta and pizza. Whenever I visit Singapore. I never miss to visit Marche. I wish someone brings Marche to the Philippines. It will be a popular place for sure!

Upon entering, you’ll be given this card. Food choices are in different stations which you have to go to yourself if you want to get your food. Once you’ve chosen and ordered, they’ll get your card to swipe and record your order. When you’ve decided you’re done, you pay at the counter at the exit using the card that was used for the orders. Expect seriously long queues especially at peak hours of the day. Plan ahead!

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The ambiance that Marche brings is that of freshness of food and excitement because of the variety. I guess I love the experience of having to go to the different stations where you see how everything is prepared. Somehow, seeing it upfront before choosing builds on the appetite.

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In terms of food, they have a wide variety of options to choose from. My all-time favorite is the Rosti. They grate fresh potatoes and make the patty right in front of you using some kind of teflon pan, sized exactly to the patty. Apparently, it’s made with minimal oil and butter. I say, it’s cooked to perfection. It comes with a special fluffy cream that seems to taste a bit like cream cheese and sour cream. Last time I went to Singapore, I had their Breakfast Rosti that had the potato, the cream, sausage, sunny side up egg, a strip of bacon and freshly pressed orange juice. It was a heavenly dish!


I wanted to get a chicken leg from the Rotisserie station but they didn’t have smaller portions during brunch. They were offering the half-chicken but it was too much. Next time, I’m coming for this and the steak! I ended my meal with a delightful dessert of Swiss chocolate ice cream. It’s packed with “chocolatey” goodness. Not only is the base ice cream good, I also enjoyed the various chunks of chocolates that came with it. I love Swiss food!


In terms of price, Marche offers a competitive price range of about S$10-20 for entree – not bad for a restaurant in Singapore! They also offer payment via American Express, something I had a hard time finding in my area when I last visited. WOOT!

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