Looking Forward to November

November has come and I am embracing it with much excitement and anxiety at the same time.

Was I happy about October? Of course I am! I never close a month with regrets. I must say October was the month I was really dreading. It’s the month where I committed to join some company extra-curricular events which turned out to be really fun and I met a whole bunch of brilliant people. It was also the month that determined whether I’m prepared for my November presentation. I’m one week away from it and there’s only so much I can do this week. October was also when I had training in Singapore which I definitely needed. There were some changes in the team but I would like to say I am approaching it with much optimism.

Am I excited for November? Yes! This is the month I’ve been looking forward to because my brother is getting married next week. My brother’s wedding is the first in the family. I am sure that everything is going to go well because they seem to have everything ironed out already.

Before the wedding though, I’m having my much-awaited presentation (I’d like to put only optimistic words T.T) but with loads of road blocks along the way. As always, only miracles can allow me to accomplish everything. I just need to do my best like I always do. Do the most of what is given to you.

This is also the month where my brothers are celebrating their birthday and when I’m celebrating my transition to work life with my family and colleagues. That means loads of binge eating again, fitness rants and management of cash flows. I think I have enough motivation to control on some luxuries and pleasurable expenses this month. Let it be done!

Let’s do this! WOOT! I hope you have a great month as well!

Personal Musings - Looking Forward to Nov Nov 3 2013

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  1. Freddie

    Good luck my friend! 🙂



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