Push the Limits

My 11-year ballet experience when I was younger developed in me the power to push the will to endless boundaries. It taught me that tension and struggle are momentary experiences that can lead to greater heights. I owe a lot of my motivation, initiative, operational discipline and focus from ballet. Nothing is impossible. It can be done as long as we put our hearts and minds in what we do.

The week that just passed must have been one of the hardest weeks I was able to overcome. There was more deliverable that was unexpectedly needed. On top of that, I started the week battling an ear issue related to my respiratory health. Apparently, when I experienced cough and colds more than 3 weeks ago, some of the fluids remained near the ear area. I remember noticing extra pressure in my ear every time I swam. It was only last weekend when the pain became more apparent.

I told my doctor sister and she told me take my usual colds medicine so it gets flushed out. I’m not sure what happened after taking the meds but I had fever for 3-4 days while battling the pain the meds was doing to heal the ear issue. I don’t know how I survived with the work that I had to do but I did.

I am very thankful of this particular day, Thursday, when I couldn’t wake up because I felt really sick. I woke up an hour later than usual which is critical especially because traffic builds in the morning. There was nothing I could do so I just prepared as fast as I could. That was the day I experienced so many miracles. It was the day when there weren’t so many people in my usual route. There was no traffic. It only rained right when I arrived in the office. I managed to finish my deck before my presentation. Though there were some things I missed, I think I was able to accomplish my biggest rocks. I am alive!

This was also the week when I humbly considered my humanity; that there is only so much I could take and do. I had to move some deliverable to a later date. That’s life! I am ending the week happy and starting the new week with much motivation. There is nothing to worry. Things will fall in to place, like they always do. I am looking forward to my brother’s wedding this week! I feel full of love and life.

Happy weekend and week to you all! Life is good!






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