Galina Sergeyevna Mezentseva

Every single day truly is a miracle. What may seem like just an ordinary day to some is an extraordinary day to me. I wasn’t faced with a life-or-death situation; rather, I have come to embrace each day that I am able to wake up in this world as a miracle.

I came dreading work today as I woke up a bit sore, stuffy and sick. Wednesdays are usually the toughest days because my heavy meetings fall on the same day. I don’t know what miracle was brought upon me but I survived those meetings with a cheerful and very productive team. In fact, one of them commented that he really liked our meeting today. This makes me really happy because it just goes to show that those little things that I have done really matter. On top of that, I had a great buffet lunch with my team and I was also able to go home early today.

I’m just really grateful for extraordinary days like this. I know I have pushed my limits again and being sick reminds me of my boundaries so that next time I can be more wary. I feel wonderful and really fulfilled. I am surrounded by people who inspire me every day. Thank You!

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Photo Credit: Galina Sergeyevna Mezentseva


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