Shoot, I hope no one saw me smile.

That moment when someone sends you a text that just makes you smile. It’s that smile that will make people curious and you just hope that no one saw it. These are jolts of happiness that pump up my day.

Good morning!

Every morning, the kuya guards I encounter when I take public transportation or bring a car never miss to greet me a, “Good Morning.” Here’s to a Good Morning to you to! I have promised myself to look at these people and greet with genuine joy even though some mornings are really tough.

Time to go home.

That moment when the kuya guard reminds you of how long you’ve been in the office. Thank you, Kuya, for reminding me of my boundaries to a healthy lifestyle. You are a blessing to me.

Oh hello, cheerful person!

That moment when people pass by with a smile on their face. Happiness is contagious. I guess being in my new location in the office has its perks after all. Though I feel exposed, I feel grateful for these happy moments in an ordinary day. To more cheerful people in the office!

Life is short and happiness is a choice!

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  1. Greetings from the professor! Absolutely! Happiness is one’s choice! What is that fellow’s name! Without a doubt he is of a Punchyish nature! It’s where fun and happiness reside you know….



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