Mount Fuji and Sanrio Puroland

Japan Chronicles 6 – Mount Fuji and Sanrio Puroland

A visit to Tokyo must include a trip to Mount Fuji at least! One of my favorite spots during our trip last summer (May 22, 2013) was seeing Mount Fuji from the fifth station. We were very fortunate to have seen the peak from the tourist’s area when there was minimal fog. Apparently, during the time of our visit, tourists were very dismayed with the thickness of fog that embraced the peak. There were a couple of times when we experienced the fog but we maximized the opportunities when it would pass. See some of our photos below.


This was before our departure from Ashidawa Hotel which was a magnificent spot to stay in for the night.




This was from the fifth station of the mountain. It was a glorious moment to experience nature. Mount Fuji is located in the Honshu Island that is considered the highest peak of Japan. It’s just about 100km away from Tokyo where round trip tickets of train and bus are available for day trips. Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s Three Holy Mountains and has become a frequent subject of Japanese art, making it more of a cultural heritage rather than a natural heritage.


I was very lucky to have experienced Mount Fuji with my family. Next time, maybe we can try paragliding if I feel adventurous!


I had to document the burst of colors of my fellow Filipino travelers. This is visiting Mount Fuji with style. After Mount Fuji, the next stop as part of the day’s itinerary was Sanrio Puroland. Hearing that gives me images of millions of Hello Kitty bouncing around me.



Well, I was not wrong. Hello Kitty and her friends were bouncing around in a spectacular musical show where loads of kids enjoyed it. I guess it was okay to have experienced just that in Sanrio Puroland as it would amuse the kids more.



Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park found in Tama New Town, Tokyo, Japan. Over the years, it has managed to attract about 1.5 million every year. The place offers musical shows, restaurants and other attractions. It is accessible from Odakyu Tama Center Station, Keo Tama Center Station and Tama Center’s Monorail.



I wish I understood the story they were portraying because the characters were speaking in Japanese. Anyway, the visual experience was good enough for a Sanrio Puroland visit!

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  2. Hi! It’s me again! My flight is on May 7 and i’m considering going to Lake Kawaguchiko instead to have a view of the mountain. What time did you go? Hoping there’s not much fog on our visit!



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