Yabu: The House of Katsu

It was only today when I finally tried Yabu: The House of Katsu. The first time I had something similar to this was when I was in Japan. My fondest memory of this type of food was when my mom was so focused on pounding the sesame that my dear Japanese friend told my mom, “Auntie, no need to work too hard! :)”Ā abanjames com

I remember this restaurant having so much hype which made me wonder how fried pork can be so fascinating. I must mention that I have bias over beef, salmon and tuna when it comes to Japanese food so having pork as a main dish didn’t seem as enticing as how others perceived it.

Yabu offers quite a number of delicious options on their menu. I could have gotten the classic Rosu set but I thought I might get bored. I spiced up my choice a little bit and chose the Oroshi Tonkatsu Set, if I remember it correctly. I can’t seem to find the right description of my order online but they had a good description on their menu that actually helped me choose that dish.

My choice of dish was a slab of fried pork topped with radish (I don’t exactly know how it was prepared but it tasted tangy) with some spring onions. Right when it was served, I was told to squeeze a bit of the sliced grapefruit to be drizzled after with this sweet to sour sauce. It’s a good thing that the flavor was exciting though I should have controlled on the citrus and sauce. [Photo below shows a mixed set.]

food silkenhut com

What’s special about Yabu is how almost all the elements of their set (except the meat, of course) is unlimited. I couldn’t devour a lot of everything. Today, I managed to just have two servings of the cabbage where I generously drizzled it with their wasabi dressing that tasted amazing!

comfortfoodstuff blogspot comAm I going back? I’ll go back because I love Japanese food and I want to know how their pork with cheese tastes like. Other than that, I want to consider this as a pricey restaurant maybe because I don’t have bias over fried pork. To me, I also don’t need that quantity to enjoy a well-prepared meal. I’ll give it to Yabu for offering really high quality choice of meat in every meal! I also love how they educate their customers on Katsu dishes.

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