Shinjuku with Friends

Japan Chronicles 11 – Shinjuku Dinner with Friends (May 23, 2013)

One of the things I will always be grateful for is when acquaintances turn to friendship.

Last May 23, 2013, the last stop on our itinerary during our Tokyo free day was a dinner with my host sister, exchange program facilitator and Filipino friend working in Japan. My family and I were just so tired that day after all the walking around that began as early as 5am and our speed shopping in the afternoon. Ending the day with dinner with great friends was icing on the cake!


I was insisting to my friends that all I wanted to experience was the cheap restos where you insert coin in to the machine to get your orders since we didn’t really get to go around that much because of the tour. However, their Japanese culture brought us to a nice restaurant where guests are supposed to be treated. It was a wonderful dinner where my family and I got stuffed for the nth time during the trip. Thank you, friends!!!


You’ll notice the similar menu as that of Yabu’s where I got the pork cutlet with loads of side dishes that already stuffed me even before the main dish was devoured. I won’t forget the time when Daniel told my mom, “Auntie, no need to work too hard,” when he saw my mom pounding the sesame with much focus and vigor!


I will come back and make sure to visit okasan one day.






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  1. I’ll visit Japan definitely someday


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