Summer Goals

Summer Goals Apr 6 2014

This summer, I have a couple of goals in mind.

1. FITNESS. By the end of the summer, I should be able to headstand or handstand with grace. Not that I will have summer vacation of any sort, I would just like to give myself a target time to achieve this goal. This would mean core work and much body toning. Let’s do this!

Summer Fitness Apr 6 2014

How do I plan to achieve this? I’m thinking of…

  • Jogging in the village
  • Boxing and/Yoga every Saturday
  • 20-30min daily workout with the help of my app

2. MONEY MATTERS. I need to have at least one drastic investment plan this summer. It’s been a year of good savings. It’s time to put the money where it matters.

3. SPIRIT. Priest reminds me to do acts of charity during my confession. I need to get back to a regular charitable activity. If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Summer Goals Apr 6 2014

4. MIND. I need to finish at least 1 book this summer!

Summer Goals 2 Apr 6 2014

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