Foodie 7

Check out these amazing foodie finds from Pinterest. Sparking any interest for this week’s creation? See source of repins at

Anything with bacon works for me!

tideandthyme com

yummiest-pins tumblr com


This quacamole dish looks amazingly refreshing.

Shrimp and Guacamole Tostadas

Slow Cooked Apricot Ribs by Kayleighb

spicy shrimp and avocado.

Spicy Tex Mex Hashbrown Casserole

strawberry lemonade by laylitaBaked potato crisps with cream and herbs!!

sulia com

Sweet and Savory Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Puff Pastry Straws - myhoneysplace

theslowroasteditalian com

thewaytohisheartblog com

Nutella Hot Chocolate




ilovelife18 blogspot com



About Mariel Tan

Artist at heart who shares the spice in her life. Visit my blogs:


  1. Yum! Good snack idea….my mum used to cook bacon rinds separately before dinner and shout up the stairs to me and my brother to come and get them. They were all curly like pigs tails…


  2. I was meant to write the last comment under this…oops…x



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