Tokyo Disney Sea

Japan Chronicles 12 – Tokyo Disney Sea (May 24, 2013)

Here’s the last stretch of my Japan series. For the last day of our 8-day tour, we decided to go to Disney Sea instead of DisneyLand as Japan boasts highly of their Disney Sea supported by numerous reviews online. We have also seen DisneyLand so we decided to try something new, a water-themed park!

My family and I are not theme park junkies who look for thrill in these kinds of places so we made sure we visited the areas with high entertainment and low thrill risk. We were nearing the end of our travel and we were a bit exhausted, all we wanted to do was appreciate the place more, have some fun and chill after.

Like any good theme park, planning must be done in scheduling attractions and shows to minimize waste in walking and waiting. I wasn’t so intense in planning this so we expected some spontaneity along the way.


We did a counterclockwise route, starting with the Mediterranean Harbor then on to the Mermaid Lagoon.


The place was amazing! Every station was a production. It was a spectacular sight to remember as it brought much nostalgia after remembering all the Disney movies and stories.



Here’s Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster. The dips weren’t death-defying and, overall, the ride was quite friendly to my parents!


 We headed to the Mermaid theater where we watched a quick Little Mermaid musical. I don’t have pictures from the show but they were able to give a great performance of Little Mermaid’s famous songs as Ariel hung from the ceiling.


Arabian Coast was next where we watched the Magic Lamp Theater. I don’t remember much from this place as it was quite hot. I do remember the introductions in Japanese which I didn’t understand.


I don’t have much pictures of the other areas. I just know that my brother and I experienced Indiana Jones’ Adventure where we sat in this cart for 6. This cart traversed a railway of surprises inside the caves. This was quite entertaining! They were able to simulate bumps and jerks in the ride that brought excitement to the people.

One of the memorable rides in this area was Raging Spirits. It’s the roller coaster of Disney Sea where my brother and I waited for more than an hour. The turnover of the rides was quick but there were many people at that time that’s why the wait was still long. It’s not like other roller coasters I’ve seen because this had several carts taking a group of people at scheduled intervals.

There was much anxiety before the ride as we watched the people for more than an hour. What started out as fear just became frustration and anxiety to end the experience. Right when it was our turn, my brother and I were signaled to sit in front. Of all people to sit in front! We took the challenge and didn’t regret it. It’s not a scary ride at all because the thrilling moments were frequent but short-lived.


After Raging Spirits, my brother and I met up with my parents who were patiently waiting for us in the restaurant. We just chilled and walked after. If I remember it correctly, the next few rides we took were Aquatopia and the train that brought us around the whole Disney Sea. We just chilled right after since the lines in every area were just too long and we wanted to rest.





Is this something that you should see? YES! This is a great theme park! I’d bring my kids here one day to see the spectacular production!



As always, I’d like to end this entry with much gratitude to my parents.





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  1. Gay ZaragosaPallar

    Great article! It makes me happy reminiscing the adventures that i had with my husband & daughter in Japan…it is really a very nice place and i am definitely going back there again!!!…with my family of course! (“,)


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