Happy Habits

I’d like to spread the love and life by sharing some habits of happy people that I myself agree on. My life isn’t perfect but I can say that I am happy right now. Let’s embrace the joy that life brings!

1. Don’t get caught in people’s drama. I try to veer away from excessive drama. I believe there is a certain level of drama that is inevitable in life especially when we try to release some negativity. Likewise, hearing other people’s issues helps you learn from their mistakes and makes you love your life more. However, when it becomes a daily pill, I suggest you stay away from it. Conversations are better spent on ideas and happy vibes.

Sometimes, conversations through social media or group chats can be pretty draining when all people talk about are complaints with no solutions. I stop reading for a while and just go back when the drama is gone.

2. Leave space to love yourself. You need to love yourself so you can learn to love others. You cannot give what you do not have. I make sure that I do what I want, get myself what I want and give myself some alone time even at least to stare when I wake up. It helps to take a breather by stepping back once in a while so you can step farther forward.

When I’m having a hard time with work, I sometimes reward myself with some of my comfort food like fries or drink or I just sleep it off. During some days like these, sleep can be a luxury especially when I’m in an intense mode.

3. Dedicate time to meaningful pursuits. After one year at work, I have learned to Let Go and Let God. My OC self had to let go of the fact that I could not do everything in a day and that is what priorities are for. Maybe in college it was still possible. But now, if you want to have a life, then better choose to have a life else work will eat you up alive. Before you know it, you cannot turn back time and you’re sick and full of regret.

During summer, I found time to do art lessons with my mom. It was fun learning something that used to scare me in the past. I thought watercolor or ink was something I could never do. All I had to do was try. What’s more interesting was the number of people who responded and showed interest in art. These people told me they want to join me next time!

Live and Love Life!

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