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Personal Musings - Writing Muse Oct 8 2014


This muse of mine doesn’t come as often as it used to but when it does, I almost always compose something. I can’t say this has been a bad thing as I think I’ve been out experiencing things in the past months more than what I could have imagined. Whenever I do so, it takes time away from writing. I wonder how I can further sustain and commit to documenting and sharing more experiences via writing.

It’s not easy keeping a blog as it takes commitment and passion to make it grow. What may look like a simple entry may in fact take minutes or hours to conceptualize and compose. This is why I truly admire fellow bloggers who religiously write, read and engage in others’ blogs. I hope that I can make a way to include this in my routine, whether it be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly so I wouldn’t have to wait for my writing muse to arrive.

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