Inspired to Live Life

Right at this moment, I feel completely overjoyed and inspired to live my life to the fullest. I feel as if I can really bust away any challenge that may come my way. I am grateful for the gift of life and I owe it all to Him. As always, I will take every opportunity to be good and to do His Will.

You might be wondering what happened to me today. Nothing extraordinary happened actually. I just feel healthy and happy to be around the people I love and care about. I am so much closer to my family now compared to before. I love my work and I am able to make time for my friends. Despite the busy schedule, I am able to make time for other things outside work that give me fulfillment in life.

Maybe it’s the Hazelnut chocolate drink from Wildflour or maybe it’s because I attended two family events from both my parents’ side today. Any which way, I feel loved and I feel so much love and hope for the future. Over the weekend, I suddenly realized what I wanted to do after 5 years. I was getting worried because all my plans seemed to span only until 5 years from now. Though I can imagine the state of my life that I want in the end, the in-between seemed really blurry. This weekend was a good awakening of a future that is bright and really exciting. I won’t share it yet until things start falling in to place. I pray that He always lets me know the path that I should be taking.

Because of this burst of energy, I found time to exercise tonight after all the things I ate today. I was able to complete 18 out of 20 exercises of my usual workout app. That’s an achievement from the usual 16 out of 20. It really is true that if you set your mind to something, suddenly there is time for everything most important.

Live. Love. Laugh. Have a good work week ahead!!

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