Comfort of Company

I have always taken pride in being independent. I can take care of myself. I take initiative and the lead to deliver. I am perceived as someone who can be on her own. Being independent doesn’t necessarily mean that I enjoy being alone. In reality, I am almost always reminded of how important having company is.

I may not be as touchy as other people but I do find comfort in having simple company. Sometimes, it is the sweet silence that I long for when you don’t have to force a conversation to make things less awkward. Sometimes, having people simply sit beside you even as they work already gives me peace. I  never enjoyed the thought of being alone. It sounds like a sad idea to have no one to love or no one to love you. What’s worse is when you only realize how good of a company someone is when they’re gone.

My brother and I have spent more hours than what I would have probably imagined. We only have a one year age gap. We went to the same university and we currently have a common path to work and we both live back in the house. It would make sense to share a car when we can. You can just imagine the amount of time we have spent together since we were young.

I’m not sure if it were the exhaustion or hunger but a day without him as company in the car made me a bit lonely going home. These are the moments that make me appreciate mornings and evenings with him when I am able to enjoy comfortable silence or a companion to talk to. These are the moments that make me more grateful for the people around me. 

Personal Musings - Comfort of Company Nov 28 2014

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