Keeping the Holiday Cheer

I look forward to the Christmas season every year because it is that time of the year when I can step back, relax, refresh my spirit and strengthen relationships with the people I care about. However, I am not one who can sustain the cheerful holiday state 24/7. Having people around can be really fun but tension is inevitable.

How have I been able to keep the holiday cheer so far?

1. Speak of nothing but good vibes. Every gathering is a tempting venue to share evil thoughts or negative vibes, to better put it. While these conversations can be fun indeed to share opinions we’ve been mustering, excessive discussion on negative thoughts won’t do anybody good. These are the times when I remember this saying about people who are smart usually share ideas instead of gossip during gatherings.

2. Pause and think before reacting. It is inevitable to have heated discussions about things, whether it’s deciding on a date to hold an event, what menu to have for dinner or whatnot. Though I’m quite intense about planning, I always remind myself to pause and think first before I react aggressively. It won’t do anyone good to spew some unnecessary intensity on simple things during the holidays.

3. Maximize your time to connect with others. Going out to spend time with people can be draining. The thought of going out tires me at times which makes me feel lazy even before I leave the house. Though it can be tempting to stay home, I always tell myself to get up and go out because spending time with people can be refreshing to the soul.

The holiday season has been fun so far but there’s a lot more in store for the coming days. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of life! Here’s a Merry Christmas from my family!

Personal Musings - Keeping the Holiday Cheer Dec 28 2014

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