Lusso by Margarita Flores

Truffle Fries. Foie Gras Burger. Mac and Cheese. I’m usually the type who orders the same thing in a resto and these are the types of food that do not usually make it to my list. What may sound ordinary to some has a whole new twist here. These three are all I need to remember Lusso. These are all I need to make me go back to Lusso.

I was never a fan of truffle sauce because of the gas-like essence it usually gives. Other dishes would make me dizzy and would not allow me to devour huge servings of truffle. Somehow, Lusso was able to create such delicious truffle dip that came with their Asiago fries. Truffle has never been this memorable that it makes me want to go back for more! It actually reminds me of Pablo’s truffle pasta!


Asiago Fries with Truffle Sauce (PhP 275)

Before picking Lusso as the birthday dinner venue for my boy friend, I made sure Lusso was a top choice. Almost every blog that I read mentioned that Lusso’s Foie Gras Burger was to die for! It definitely was! The patty was moist and seasoned just right with the foie gras. It crumbled a bit but it was okay. I’m going back for more next time.


Lusso Foie Gras Burger with US Beef, cambozola bath, prosecco onions (PhP 595)

Like the Foie Gras Burger, the Lux Mac and Cheese was a classic favorite. This was what I ordered for myself and I could barely finish it. I saw the other tables and this was mostly shared because of the quantity. Every bite was rich with creamy sauce that reminded me much like the truffle sauce of the Asiago fries. I want more!!


Lux Mac and Cheese with Pancetta and Formaggio Trio (PhP 495)

Ambiance is definitely romantic and the servers were very hands on. Lusso is special not only because of my boy friend’s birthday but also because of the great food experience I had there. It’s a must try in Greenbelt!


G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legazpi Village, Makati; (02) 756-5893

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