Making Real Time Real

The coming of smart phones with applications that allow real time sharing has made narcissism so much easier. This is what The Guardian better put as the age of digital narcissism – “a world of endless ostentation opportunities and unlimited bragging possibilities.” Some moments that could have been spent making richer memories may merely look like it because of the photos we post. Are we making the most of the moments we share on Instagram or Facebook or are we sharing to make it look like there was a great moment?

I feel awfully sad when I’m out with people who take photos with no effort to make connections with people. I feel like photos suddenly become for-show on social networking sites. I also feel sad when I’m with people who just show up and constantly pull out their phones to scroll through social networking sites. It makes me feel as if the company they are with are not worth their time. It’s offensive, disrespectful and a complete waste of other people’s time.

Whenever I’m out spending time with people or out doing something planned (e.g. vacation), I make it a point to do a couple of things to show respect to others.

  • If my boy friend is with me, I completely drop my phone. If my boy friend is not with me, I make it a point to check more frequently but only with the intention of checking if something urgent has come up. Otherwise, my phone stays put. Time is valuable. Why not maximize it for the initial purpose it was intended for – making real connections?
  • Checking social networking sites are left for alone or idle time.
  • I love documenting events. I’m usually the person in the group who takes photos of what happens in events. However, I make sure that the photos I take capture the moments and not the other way around where the photo becomes the moment.
  • I try to learn something new from people I hang out with and share something new about myself. It’s a two-way thing. Sometimes, it’s so much easier to just sit, listen and observe others. However, if we share nothing about ourselves then how are we to learn more about who we are and how do we make others learn from our experiences? I always remember this advice from famous leaders that people who have no input in meetings are better off not being in the meeting. I think it’s the same for social events.

I can’t deny that I myself have become a victim of new innovation. I am aware that’s why I make it a point to make real connections. I only wish for others that memories captured and shared are moments worth remembering, not just photos ready to be our next profile or cover photo.

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