Ole, 2014!

It’s 10 hours away from welcoming 2015 here in the Philippines and much peaceful merriment is in the air of my home. My family has been celebrating New Year with well-prepared dinners and closing the midnight with hot chocolate and ham for the past years. Though it has been long celebrated this way, it’s something I always look forward to since things will change in the next years as my siblings and I transition to a new phase in our lives. In fact, it has begun with my older brother marrying last year and having his first baby last November which makes my family less one person in our house this year.

Before things further change, I would like to share all the wonderful things that 2014 has brought to my life. It has been a great year and I want to cherish and remember the good it has brought.

The Gift of Family. I never imagined that my family would be this close this year. There were ups and downs in 2014 where a voice in my head was saying that things may fall apart completely. I prayed to God that things would get patched and each person played his part to keep us together. There were tense moments of course but that made joyful events sweeter. I would also like to believe that each person’s effort to bring us together this year made this work. I’m very privileged to be a in home with loving parents and siblings. I hope that the future brings more love and life to my family.


Great Relationship. Jaded by failed relationships in the media, I was always fearful of keeping a commitment to a relationship. Here I am, three and a half years with my boy friend, happy and hopeful. What I learned this year is that it takes two people to keep a relationship. Whilst men are expected to continue wooing their partners, I believe women must do their own way to keep the relationship. It is definitely in the little things that matter the most.

Friends would ask what my boy friend did for a particular occasion. Honestly, I forget sometimes. What I remember the most are the little surprises he has done on the ordinary days. I think those are the days also worth remembering. Those are days when people go out of their way to show how they love you.


Fulfilling Career. Not many can claim happiness in their role. I’m not sure if I’m just positive about life or I was lucky to have gotten my role. I love my job and I know it because every time I wake up or every time I have idle time, I am willing to answer that email or make that extra analysis for my work. Call it workaholic that caused my health a couple of times but it gave me love and energy! I pray that I am blessed with work that I truly love doing. Here’s to doing things with passion!


Renewed Spirit. This year, I was able to jump start my outreach endeavors by affiliating myself with certain people. I have committed myself to donating a part of my earning for a good cause that I truly believe in. Next year is another phase and milestone to achieve.

Life and Love for the Future. I am thankful each day that I wake up with much life, love, hope and passion for the future. I hope that the downtrodden out there find their way to see the light! Life is short so it must be spent wisely.


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