How to Create a 5-Point Star Origami with 1 Paper

Here’s how to make a 5-point star origami using only 1 sheet of paper. It’s quick and easy! This is how it is supposed to look like in the front and back. I used a 2-sided colored sheet of paper and folded on different sides below.

20150102_154537Step 1: Prepare your paper.


Step 2: Cut your sheets of paper in pentagon shapes. At first I didn’t like this origami because it required me to cut my paper that needed measuring. Thank God that someone out there has already made quick instructions on how to cut paper in pentagon shapes without having to pull out any sort of ruler!


Here’s the step-by-step diagram on how to cut the square sheets to become pentagon.


Step 3: Start the star origami by creating an inner pentagon through creased folds. To create this in detail, see the photos below. You need to fold each side following the points of intersection below. Your goal is not to fold in the middle of the pentagon. Great emphasis on the points of the arrows indicated.


extremecards 2

After repeating on all 5 sides, you should have been able to create an inner pentagon like the one below.

extremecards 3

Fold the points of the pentagon as per the photo below.

extremecards 4

It’s supposed to look like the star below upon turning over the paper.


Step 4: Make the final fold to flatten the star to 2 dimension. Click the link to see the short video.


And that’s your star!

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