Nihon Bashitei

My staple order in any Japanese restaurant consists of salmon sashimi and tempura. When a restaurant gets those right, I’m done. I can keep going back to the same place and order the same thing again and again. Nihon Bashitei has definitely made it to my list! I’m so lucky that I work in Makati where two of the restaurants are just a few kilometers away. Heaven sent!

A classic choice for many Nihon Bashitei fans is the Toro Spicy Maki where the spicy blend is unique to the restaurant. I haven’t tasted that many toro maki so I don’t have reference on standards but what I’ve tasted so far has been delightful!


Toro Spicy Maki (PhP 200)

Every bite of the salmon sashimi screams fresh! It reminds me of Japan memories in Sushi Dai where the chefs prepare each sashimi and maki with love and passion in front of the customers.


The batter of the Ebi Tempura was light and delicious. It was one of the best I have ever tasted. Any order in Nihon Bashitei must have their tempura. I love how the size of the shrimp were significantly large and less oily compared to other restaurants where I’m left feeling dizzy after.


Ebi Tempura (PhP 330)

In the nth visit of me and Reg, we were able to try the Katsu Curry. You won’t regret the quantity of the order. Like other Japanese curry, the rice and Katsu were served swimming in the curry sauce that was also yummy!

zomato com - katsu curry

Katsu Curry (PhP 300)

We also tried the sticks. If I remember correctly, we ordered the pork wrapped with bacon. They’re called Kushiyaki sticks sold per piece for about PhP 45-60 each.

Nihon Bashitei offers a variety of Japanese food from sashimi, soups, ramen, kushiyaki and more. Name a common Japanese dish and I bet it’s on their menu. You can visit so many times and have a different set of orders every time. I love how the ambiance gives off that simple, casual but authentic dining experience much like that in Japan. One of the Makati locations offer a number of private rooms that would be great for special events or special meetings. This is a must-try!!

806 Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati; (02) 818-8893

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