How To Plan Baby Showers

I have had the honor of planning the baby shower of one of the girl friends of my boy friend’s group and these were the things that were considered in the planning.

Personal Musings - Planning Baby Shower Dec 29 2014

1. Understand the goal: Know the expectations of the couple.

Every event needs clear objectives or goals as this will be the basis for all budget and execution. Some parts of the plan may drop off but if the objectives or goals are still in place, then minimum expectation is met. For our case, we were informed by the immediate family members that it was preferred for the couple to be surprised. On the other hand, our group simply wanted to celebrate the coming of a new family member with minimum effort and expense but maximum impact.

Inexpensive, simple but fun was definitely the direction of the plan! With the help of the immediate family members, we have planned to surprise the couple in mid-January. Hopefully, they really get surprised!

2. Understand the available resources: Know the budget and where the resources will be coming from.

It is not every person’s priority in the group to hold the baby shower. In fact, if some will participate, it may just be out of pressure from the group. To manage any negative emotions, we maximized all available resources first before expecting anyone from the group to shell out.

Fortunately, food was going to be sponsored, leaving only the games, prizes, gifts and decors to be spent on. We are planning to hold the event in one of the group members’ houses. Six fun games are in place. The decors are now being planned.

3. Execute: Set owners for each deliverable.

To make the execution efficient, much delegation is needed. The purpose of having a group is having each team member do its part to make the event a success. Luckily, all the girl friends were on board in the planning which made the delegation so much easier. These were some of the things that needed delegation:

  • Food and drinks
  • Facebook invite and attendance tracking
  • Materials and prizes for the games
  • Theme and decorations
  • Table setting and decors
  • Hosting

I’m so excited for the event! Hopefully it turns out a success!

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