Baby Shower with Starwars Theme

Our baby shower surprise was a success! Both parents had no clue of our plans and they were both delighted when they saw everything. What excited them more was the program we girls carefully and diligently prepared for weeks! Nowadays, baby showers can be celebrated with family and friends, not just with girl friends, which makes playing games more fun indeed!

These were the games the girls and I prepared:

  1. Dress the Baby – This is usually played by a couple where the girl dresses up the guy wearing a diaper or whatever baby clothing using only one roll of tissue paper. The design must be strong enough to withstand a short fashion walk and poses.
  2. Guess the Poop – There have been a few variations I’ve heard on this game. What’s similar in all these games is that different melted chocolates are spread like poop on a diaper. The individual must guess the brand of the chocolate that looks like poop. Some games require the participants to consume all the chocolate while some don’t. This is best played when melted, else, the chocolate hardens on the paper of the diaper.
  3. Guess the Mommy’s Waist – One version of this game is participants are asked to select pre-cut strings. The one who draws the string with nearest length of the mommy’s waistline wins. Another version requires the participant to cut the string to match the waistline themselves.
  4. Drink the Milk – In this game, participants must finish the milk inside the baby bottle. The first to finish, wins!
  5. Decode the Message – In true Starwars theme, participants were asked to decode the message using a Starwars alphabet printed on a tarp. This took a while because the message was long!
  6. Baby Face – This game was really fun! The faces of the couple were printed on 1×1 meter-sized tarps. The pair, in our case, must cut the features from the parents’ face to form the best baby face. These pieces of face features were then stuck on another tarp with an outline of a baby face.

Here’s how our decorations turned out:

The Tarp – Our creative friend drew one of the spacecrafts herself!


The Centerpiece and Oriental Balls

One of the girls had these oriental balls that would fold flat to 2D when stored which made it reusable for events like these. She also bought the cute Starwars box figures and painted more features to make the Starwars theme pop out. There were also Starwars deck cards spread on the table. These were the items that the people took home right away.

SAM_5123 SAM_5099

The Dessert Table

Fortunately, one of the girls had a dessert table business so she had the cupcake Ferris wheel already set up together with the fondue fountain. She bought the tiny baby bottles which we filled with candies for the people to take home as souvenir.

SAM_5095 SAM_5104 SAM_5120

The Pompoms and the Early Birds ❤


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