What Will I Do Differently? #PopeFrancis

I may not have seen the Pope in person but I want to make his visit here in the Philippines enduring through my actions. Unlike some who have personal videos of the Pope on his Pope mobile, I made sure I was hooked on TV during the most important occasions. Since some of his messages were quite overwhelming to hear only once, I made it a point to reread his speeches available online and take down notes for personal reminder.

His visit here in my country has given me a renewed spirit, an inspiration to become a better person. It wasn’t because he told me to be good. It was more of the time made available for me to ponder about my spiritual health. Time for the spirit is usually easily neglected in my life when it comes to prioritizing my time. Pope Francis’ words has definitely reminded me to go back on track and it is never too late to do so.

There were so many great points to ponder on but I’ll keep my list short to only the most concrete actions I will do differently moving forward.

  1. I want to love and let myself be loved. I need to learn to receive with humility because it is only this type of real love will I be able to spend myself, to truly leave my pocket empty, from the words of Pope Francis.
    • I’m usually very thrifty. When it comes to giving gifts, I make sure I have for many but I plan it so well so it can fit a particular budget. It was only last Christmas when I let myself go beyond my usual budget to give something I never thought I could. At first, I thought it would be something I’d eventually regret. I was wrong. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Suddenly, giving what I really worked hard for finally made sense.
  2. I want to rest in prayer and rise from slumber. I’ve been a young museum recently, running around with a lot of information but I feel I have not put them into better use. Prayer has not been a habit recently which has brought much restlessness in my spiritual life.
    • I was reminded that we need young holy people in this world more than young museums. Prayer is definitely one aspect of my life that has not been a strong habit in the past years. Yes, many good things have come that I’ve offered up to God’s glory but I feel the need to allot more time in prayer to hear God’s will. I need to make a home for Him in my heart, coupled with action. This must start with good sleeping habits which will allow more time for prayer before sleeping regularly.
  3. I want to reach out more to elderly or children without parents. I want to be able to make time to connect with people to truly understand reality. I want these people to know that they are not alone and God has not forgotten them.
    • Whenever I look back during my high school days of Saturdays spent teaching Catechism to kids in the slums, I feel this pang in my heart. While I’m out achieving personal goals today, I have left a piece of my heart malnourished. I’ve always told people that all my success were rooted in the socio-civic activities that I had passion for when I was growing up. Where is it now? It definitely hurts me in the gut as I write this part but there is work to be done. It is not enough to donate to a foundation. I need to personally be in action like how it always was. There is time.

Thank you, Pope Francis, for enlightening many of us Filipinos to see the light of goodness and hope. You are a blessing to human race. May you live longer to touch more lives in the world. You are loved and cherished. It was a great honor to have you in the Philippines.

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