Love for Art

Hunger for art. Deciding to take an Oriental Painting Workshop last summer was one of the decisions that made 2014 memorable. Growing up, I’ve always had this enthusiasm for any form of artistic expression. It was always that Art award which I had my mind set to get but I never did. I got the Math and PE award upon graduating. I remember telling my dad when I was in Grade School that I wanted to hone my skills through formal art class but he told me it was a skill you can just practice on your own. As I grew older, I realized it wasn’t his passion so he didn’t understand where I was coming from. Now that I’m older and I have means and time, I am able to try the things I’ve always wondered about.

Going for it. Since I never had formal painting lessons, I don’t really know which type of art I’m good at. I just know that drawing faces wasn’t a strong suit. Anything with animals and plants interested me and I had fear of using any watery medium. This made choosing a particular type of art workshop difficult so I just chose a schedule that suited me and my mom’s time. It happened to be Oriental Painting.

Art with my mom.What was icing on the cake was having to share the experience with my mom. When I studied in the University, I spent most of the time in a condo near my school to make travel time more efficient. Now that I’m working closer to home, I’m now back in the house spending more time with my parents and it’s been a wonderful 2 years. I will always cherish this time with them. Ever since that workshop last May 2014, my mom and I have filled our art kits. I must admit I haven’t practiced much since then because I find it difficult looking for a spot in the house to call mine, a place where I can just do everything I want. Now that I have more space in the room, thanks to my sister cleaning out her clutter, I can set up my art spot in the table.

Something new in 2015. To hone our art skills further, my mom and I are trying a Watercolor Painting class this coming May and my sister will be joining us this year before she starts her Fellowship. I think it’s going to be another great experience! People should find time trying new things to celebrate the beauty of who we are and to discover the world around us.

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