Oriental Painting – Petals & Leaves

Painting petals and leaves with one stroke was the topic of day 2 of our summer workshop one year ago. Our teacher Eileen showed us tips and tricks on how to paint petals to show different perspectives and angles of flowers. I was so amazed about how she controlled the ink gradient per stroke. That mastery definitely takes years of experience. My mom and I endlessly painted flowers and leaves for the whole workshop with hopes of progress in the end of four weeks.


Workshop Buddy

Here’s one of my favorite practice sheets of the flowers. See how there’s supposed to be a gradient in each petal and how the anthers are supposed to be darker than the rest of the parts of the flowers.


It’s amazing how she can make these images with only a few strokes. See the image below. Her graceful painting makes me want to paint all the time. Try it. It’s therapeutic.


After day 2, my mom and I felt progress with our flowers and branches. My mom has finally corrected her banana-looking leaves. Definitely, sumi-e!

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  1. Beautiful work! You both did fantastic! Looks like it was a fun class. How nice you did nitwits your mom. Perfect art for spring! 🙂



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