Black, White and more Grays

Stumbled upon an old entry of mine 2 years ago. What a good reminder this Holy Week. Happy Easter to all!

Dolce Vita

Back when I was in grade school, things were simple. Things were black and white, right and wrong. Mistakes were questioned as I couldn’t understand how people could do bad things to others. Back then, I had a list of things to do and rules to follow. There were restrictions that were clearly needed to be followed due to consequences that may arise. I had a list of things to ponder upon whenever I examined my conscience for confession. It was so clear and simple.

Darren Moore 1

Then came high school when I learned more about Christian Philosophy and Theology. Though things were still supposed to be black and white, my classes taught me that a person’s actions may be separated from who the person really is. That even though a person does evil things, this does not follow that the person is evil. I know that this is true because I would…

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