Flower Power Wraps Up the Workshop

I’m sharing a collection of my favorite pieces from the Oriental Painting Workshop for Ayala Museum’s The Art Room last May 2014. I most especially enjoyed painting flowers and I think this is where my focus will be. I am very grateful for investing time last summer to actually do what I enjoy. I honed some skills, met new people, bonded with my mother and got inspired by my teacher Eileen Escueta. I’m looking forward to taking the Watercolor Workshop this May 2015 with the same teacher.

This flower below needs some work on the perspective of the petals. I want to be able to better control the gradient of the leaves as well.

20140510_220417 20140510_220321I still need to work on the thickness of the branch below. The goal is thinner and sharper branches to better match the size of the flowers.
20140510_220401Here’s one of my favorite pieces which I carefully painted for the exhibit. This was on rice paper so I was more cautious on the heaviness of the ink.

20140517_185649-1 I explored a bit in the piece below to incorporate more of my style. It doesn’t look that much of oriental painting but it sure does feel more like me.20140517_212027 Painting on the thick paper below was quite a challenge as it didn’t absorb the paint as well as the thinner sheets. I had to practice on the paper so many times which wasted some paper. It took many tries to achieve the piece below that definitely needs more work.20140528_015529

Below is collage of my favorite black and white pieces.20140517_190713

Here’s a quick snapshot of my exhibit pieces mounted on paper frames.20140603_164703

This is a wonderful beginning of something beautiful.20140510_220341

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