Living on the Edge of the Rockies

Rockies (930 MASL), Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas


The Rockies of Mt. Maculot was worth the 1.5-hour hike however challenging I found the steep trail was. I’m not really fond of hiking as I prefer lounging around and basking in chill momentous scenery. For the sake of seeing something new, having adventure with my boy friend and hanging out with friends, I decided to accept my high school friend’s invite. There was no reason not to accept the offer and the pain was worth it. The short hike and magnificent view of Taal Lake make Mt. Maculot a very popular tourist spot.


I climbed out of shape so I was not surprised when I was left with an aching body for the next two days that followed. I also only realized my hand was injured after 5 hours of resting from the hike. Adrenaline can be dangerous to the body especially when it’s not used to the type of muscle movement. I’m more than grateful we were all okay.



Mt. Maculot seems commercialized given the buko stands every after ten- to fifteen-minute hike. Maybe it’s because of its proximity to the resources at the bottom of the mountain. Along the way, we found out that a certain family owned all the buko stands which made it funny when they’d shout to each other from various points. A tourist like me found the stops comforting, making the hike more bearable. The popular “7-11” was indeed waiting at the campsite where goods were priced with higher margins, of course. Apparently, the campsite can fit 20 tents at night; no wonder people were still trekking up when we were going down before sunset.



The company can change the name of the game. This time around, I made sure I was in the front of the pack so that I wouldn’t get the feeling of getting dragged when someone slower was in front of me. What made it difficult was that I was setting the pace of the group as I was directly behind the guide most of the time. There were moments when I wondered whether I was going too fast or the people in the group were just waiting for me to speed up. I just know that they were always close behind me so I encouraged myself to keep up, only to find out that the pace was, indeed, fast!


These were the cute boys and girls behind me when we were hiking to the Rockies. Amazing how we came from the other peak in the photo.SAM_5924Reg and I just had to bump in to a college friend right before traversing down the trail to the Rockies.

That’s Michael’s dad, 50+ years old, who trekked like he was in his 20s. Amazing!

I don’t think I’d trek Mt. Maculot again only because I prefer the beach but I encourage you to try it even at least once. The view at the top will be worth all the pain! Fee is P20 to get across and P450 for a guide for five people. It has become mandatory to get a guide after recent hike-related events. Have fun!

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