Conquered the Fear of Using Watercolor



I can finally say that I enjoy using watercolor however basic my knowledge may be. Having no formal education about painting gives me chills up my spine to venture out to trying new things as I am a very structured person. This is why I thrive in engineering, Industrial Engineering at that. This summer, I conquered this fear where I took another summer art session with my mom and my sister who also enjoyed their time in the workshop.

Watercolor > Sumi-e. I enjoyed this watercolor workshop more than the oriental painting last year where I found oriental painting very restrictive and more technical in nature. One missed stroke in oriental painting can be very tricky to fix. On the other hand, watercolor is very free flowing where making mistakes and cluttering the art piece is acceptable. The good side about oriental painting is that it is cheaper and more economical to practice. All you need is your ink stick, mopit and any sheet of paper where thinner is better. You can even use newsprint to practice strokes on. However, in watercolor, good quality of paper must be used if proper control of the water the goal. Having limited supply of paper restricts my mind from practicing a lot. Thanks to my mom who bought us loads of practice books that makes practicing less stressful!

Expect more posts about painting and art. Given my basic knowledge of the medium, I can finally try out techniques and styles that I enjoy. This is where I learned that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder and I just need to let go and love myself for who I am more if I want to be able to share it to the world. We cannot give what we do not have.

Here’s to trying new things!

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