Social Media Clean Up

A few days ago, I woke up and decided to delete all materials in my social media sites that did not spark any joy or interest to me anymore. Things change. Interests evolve. What used to be important to me may not be relevant to my life today. Life is short so I decided to keep only things that matter to my life. Why hold on to trash or clutter, right? Just let go and replace with better things.

I started with my Instragram where I looked at all 260 posts and deleted about 100 posts that were either old, low quality or out-dated. I have removed most collages, pictures from old phone where photo quality was poor and pixelated, and revealing pictures. Like my blog, I have made my Instagram account public where I’ll only be posting things worth remembering and sharing. Since these social sites are public, expect less personal things about the people around me as this may cross over to their private lives that are not meant to be shared.

Similar to Instagram, I have made new writing principles for my blog. I have the power to write about anything but I would like to keep it to things worth remembering or re-sharing. Don’t expect posts about ugly restaurants, irritating people or frustrating moments. Let my blog be a reminder of goodness in the world where life should be spent dwelling on the beauty of the world and time well-spent with great people.

This inspiration came to me when I took painting class with my mom and sister this summer and started swimming long-distance after work. I realized that there are so many things I can do that every minute spent on negativity and idle time does not give justice to life.

Let’s live life!

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