The Journey to 2000

The onset of summer season always entices me to swim. When I was in Grade 4, I had a short break from ballet and took one summer of swimming lessons where my teacher thought I was a good contender for a competition. I was proud of myself for bagging the 5th and 7th place for freestyle and backstroke. After that summer, I got extremely dark. I recall having my ID picture taken where my face was dark except for my eyes which were white and shaped like my goggles. I decided to go back to ballet after.

Over the years, I realized that swimming was one of my most favorite types of workout because it didn’t feel like workout at all sometimes. The moment I hit the pool almost always feels therapeutic however warm my muscles become in the middle of the laps. Swimming is an experience where I can just get lost in my thoughts as I look through the water. Next thing I know, 10 laps have gone by.

When I went to the University, my swimming halted because I lived away from the house. That’s when I ventured in to other activities such as running. When I returned home when I started working, I went back to swimming due to proximity. One day, I just woke up and decided that my 8-meter lap distance wasn’t satisfying. I then remembered that my company allows me to use the swimming facility of a service apartment near the office.

I started using the 25-meter pool three weeks ago where I told myself that I should first achieve swimming 40 laps or 1000 meters first. The next goal that followed was sustaining the 1000 meters but learning a bilateral swim as I came to realize that swimming one side may cause imbalance in body tone. Like many reviews online, people have advised learning and training through bilateral swim.

The drowning feeling that the weak side brought about from bilateral swim training was a bit disheartening but I pushed after two sessions where I was able to achieve 1250-meter distance in one session in 50 minutes. It must have been one of the causes of my sickness on week 3. Swimming yesterday marked the 4th week of training where my bilateral training just snapped perfectly in place as if I’ve been doing it for months. I was able to do 95% bilateral swimming yesterday and it was a great milestone.

I’m excited to reach 2000 meters while fixing the form of my arm, breathing and kick! This is the road to fitness.

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