Commit to Uncertainty

In about a month’s time, Reg and I will be in a long distance relationship for the first time. The longest time we would have been apart would probably be just 2 weeks, if I can recall correctly. Fortunately, this will be capped to only two years which I highly hope will just fly by. Our time zone will only be 2 hours apart and a distance that would require 2 connecting flights in 14 hours. I know that other couples are in worse situations so I should be grateful.

Many people have expressed their concern about the long distance relationship that Reg and I will embark in. I have seen it in people’s eyes, the fear and concern on whether things will work out; while some people have shown full support, offering a hand or time if ever I’ll need it. I don’t completely understand the challenge that is to come but I am hopeful and committed. I just need to condition my mind and focus.

Our relationship was built on much proximity over the years where there wasn’t much need for calls or Skype dates. This is definitely the perfect time to test my digital quotient! I am confident that things will turn out the way God has planned it as long as I set my mind and heart in to doing his Will.

Almost there!

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