The Kid in Me

Two weeks ago you made me go to an arcade where I experienced playing like a kid for the first time. I am really thankful you did. Growing up, summers and weekends were spent in ballet classes or creating clean-up or recycling projects in the house while other kids mastered games in arcades or play stations. The only kiddie time I recall was when I played with my Barbies and doll houses and those still involved imaginary adult events. You released the kid in me and I really enjoyed it.

We played Guitar Hero three times where you made sure we were playing together and not against each other. You know me so well to know that failure even in a simple game may just destroy my evening so you made sure I had a good time. The one time where you accidentally made us play against each other showed me how well you played. Sorry if I could not hit the notes!

While I fared better in the duck pin bowling, I enjoyed waiting for you as you finished your massage chair session. Till the next new activity! It still feels like yesterday when we first talked 🙂

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