Humbling Commute on a Friday

It was quite unfortunate that the battery of the car stopped working last Friday morning which meant I needed to ride with my brother to work that morning. This also meant finding my own way home or commuting through public transportation on a busy Friday night. Before leaving the house, my dad said he could most probably pick me up on his way home from picking up my sister so my hopeful self trotted to work with high heels.

At noon, I got a message from my mom saying that there was no way I was getting picked up which therefore meant having to find my own way home – in high heels and in a new office location far from the accessible public transportation. I needed to be smart so as not to spike my expenses as costs can go as high as 10 times.

With my last meeting ending at 5:30 PM, I needed to catch the 5:40 PM free office shuttle to Makati that would allow me to ride the UV express from Park Square to Paranaque. From there, it would just be a tricycle away from my home. If I weren’t able to catch the 5:40 PM shuttle, I would have to take the 6:40 PM shuttle which will not allow me to attend a dinner in the south. If all else fails, Uber can bring me home at a high cost.

What a humbling experience it was that everything fell in to place. It was like God was telling me to trust him given the initial circumstances. My meeting ended at 5:15 PM which allowed me to walk with less pressure to the shuttle stop. There was no rain as I walked to Park Square. The only UV express that had no line was the van I was going to which allowed me to walk straight to the van. There was even a lady who offered me her seat maybe after seeing my heels. I declined and found another spot at the back. Lastly, it only took an hour to go home from Park Square. The whole endeavor took two hours where I reached home safe, sound and humbled.

Accept that things may not always go your way. Always trust in God.

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