When I miss you…

I close my eyes to remember how it feels like to be simply beside you, breathing. It makes me tear up when I remember that you are so far away and it will be months until the next time we see each other. This distance can be pretty daunting.

I recall the image of you looking at me as we wait to alight the train to the next station. There is warmth that brings security to my heart. Sometimes, it hurts inside when I know I won’t be able to see your face. I am thankful for virtual dates that would allow me to see you from across the sea.

When I walk alone, I remember when you lent me your coat just so I would survive the cold and windy walk to the apartment. I can’t thank you enough when you do such things for me. Your selflessness is one to admire dearly.

When I have a hard time carrying stuff, I remember the moments when you’d carry everything for me despite the challenge. Not one word of complaint ever came from you. I am grateful for your kind gestures.

Almost always I remember your many smiles and I know my favorite ones.

When I miss you 15 11 02

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