Beyond the 15-min Hump

I always find it challenging to go beyond the 10- to 15-min hump during jogging. It’s the transition of the body to warming up and stabilizing the heart rate. This is the point when my heart starts to tighten and I just want to stop. Whenever this happens, I hear the voice of my triathlete friend telling me to never stop however slow the pace may be. Keep the jogging motion. Keep going.

I was proud of myself today for beating the temptation of quitting after 2 rounds around the village. Though my calf muscles killed me at 2.5 rounds where I ended up walking back home, I felt really fulfilled for fighting the laziness inside. These are moments that validate that I don’t give up when challenges come.

Today, I jogged for 30 mins, 10 minutes longer than my Monday jog when I could barely go on at 9:30 PM. That’s about 4km. Next time, I plan to extend it to 40 minutes. I wonder when the day will come when jogging 10km is just easy peasy – just like 3 years ago.

Some motivation from Pinterest:


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  1. Keep it up. I think that’s the key to getting longer and faster. And have fun too.

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