++ Pounds

I gained 2-4 pounds in a span of 2 months after maintaining my weight and physique for eight years of control and discipline. Facing reality of ageing has been tough as I felt the slower metabolism creeping in when I hit 26 this year. Let’s just say that our health goals are relative as people would most probably consider me thinner than the rest. I don’t want to accept it as a norm so I need to make changes pretty soon. My genes will not allow ‘letting go’ without regrets.

My physical routine has not been consistent, moving here and there just to make sure I jiggle the fats once in a while. My food intake has been in control but as we age, we need to lessen the fatty food and meat that will offset the moderation. My work hours have become crazier in the past 3 months where I’ve chosen to focus more on work than myself.

Things have to change for my health and having the initiative and commitment will not be an easy journey. I have long admired certain people for maintaining their physique only to find out recently the discipline and sacrifice entailed in achieving that state. This is very inspiring knowing that they have tough careers as well. Christmas is just a few weeks away and I better get things started.

Here are a few goals I need to hit:

  1. Get back to 110 lbs.
  2. Fit in this certain dress I wore over a year ago.

These are some things I’m planning on doing:

  1. Jog 1-2 times during the weekdays and 1-2 times during the weekend for 30-45 mins each.
  2. Try Plana Forma before December 2015.
  3. Try boxing before December 2015.

Wish me luck and I hope that the people around me are very supportive. Here’s something to inspire myself from the Ballerina Project.


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