How To Eat Sushi

I realized I have been eating sushi wrong after watching this video by Tokyo’s Naomichi Yasuda. Watch how the master does it.

  • Rule #1: Use fingers for sushi rolls
  • Rule #2: Never combine ginger and sushi
  • Rule #3: Never shake off soy sauce from sushi

Two years ago, my mom, brother and I experienced eating sushi authentic from Sushi Dai, one of Tsukiji’s most popular restaurants. It took two hours of queueing before it was our turn to taste exquisite and fresh sushi. See original entry via this link and some of my favorite photos of the Tsukiji experience below.

SAM_1880 SAM_1897 SAM_1910 SAM_1911 SAM_1913 SAM_1924 SAM_1927 SAM_1930

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