Business & Pleasure in Thailand

Opportunity to Travel

I was fortunate to have been sent by my company to Bangkok to attend a training for my team last Aug 17-21, 2015. This was one opportunity I was not going to pass despite the loads of work and challenges that month. I told myself I had to make it work! Once I found out I was traveling to Thailand, in a matter of weeks, I had my tickets booked, business visa ready and itinerary locked.

Note that no visa is required for Filipinos traveling as a tourist.

Personal & Business Agenda

To ensure no cancellations on my personal agenda, I decided to fly in earlier last Aug 14, 2015 where I first stayed in The Blocks Hostel while I traveled around over the weekend. I went to Ayutthaya last Aug 15 which I’ll write about on a separate entry. On Aug 16, I shopped until I dropped in Chatuchak where I had loads of loot which my arms could barely carry. When my legs could not take me any farther, I went home and prepared for dinner.

I met up with my dear friend Parisa whom I met in an exchange program about four years ago. We had dinner in Greyhound, Emquartier which had a very youthful aura. Food was amazing and so was the company. I then met her boy friend after dinner and walked around the restaurants in spiral architecture.


I then stayed in the company-sponsored hotel nearby and attended the week-long training which was, by far, the most inspiring for the year. I would have wanted to stay another weekend longer but I felt I was going to be exhausted from the training where I might need to recuperate before I start another work week.

What a coincidence that the bombings where some tourists were injured happened on the same week, about one station away from where I was staying. Although it took hours before we got back to our hotel, I would prefer long traffic than danger any time.

Before heading home last Aug 22, I took 2 hours in Terminal 21 to go last-minute shopping before I headed to the airport. Terminal 21 had different themes per floor and each floor was designated to a particular market – women, men, children, etc. I had a good loot from that mall!

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