The Blocks Hostel

I decided to stay in a hostel to have a new experience living with strangers. I chose The Blocks Hostel because it had very good reviews online. I didn’t feel it was very risky given most of the day would be spent outside. It wasn’t my agenda to make life-long friends where I just needed an accessible place to stay before I moved to the hotel for my training. Living in a hostel wasn’t new to me either so I was aware of the lockers, shared bathrooms, bunk beds and other shared facilities.

I ended up in a room for four with two bunk beds and two men. One of them was a young Korean boy still in High School whom  I was able to talk to for a while, one late afternoon as I was preparing to head out for dinner. The other man looked European whom I only saw asleep twice. Since I was the third person to register in the room, I ended up staying on the upper bunk. At first I didn’t like it as it was difficult traversing the ladder. However, I felt secured where I was out of sight when I slept.

The living experience was great! The Blocks Hostel lived up to its clean, safe and hip image that was promised in their website and reviews. They had fast internet where the only downside was that it could only be accessed through one device per person at a time. The folks in the hostel were extremely nice but I didn’t get to talk to many of them as I spent most of the day outside. I would start very early where my roomies were still sound asleep. By the time I was going to sleep, my roomies were still out.

The Blocks Hostel is located in Sukhumvit 10 Alley, Khlong Toei which was pretty accessible to main train stations and various shopping malls in Bangkok. I would consider going there again next time! See some photos below.


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