LDR after 100 days

I learned a number of things after being in a long distance relationship after 100 days.

  1. I learned that we realize the value of someone or something once it is gone so I make every moment count when I’m with him – vacation, skype, email. They say the current generation say, “I love you,” or, “I miss you,” too loosely nowadays that it may have lost its meaning. I disagree. I’d rather say it too many times than regret not saying it enough. Life is short to have to keep such things to ourselves. Just say it and make someone feel great! You never know when it’s the last.
  2. I am more empowered as I am left to do and discover things on my own. My strength to organize and plan was put to test as I had to optimize time to make up for my lack of experience – say, driving. I have now learned to watch movies on my own for myself and truly enjoy it without company. I would occasionally find friends to join me but having no company is no problem anymore. I just do what I want even when I’m on my own.
  3. People come and go so we should constantly build and rebuild relationships that make us better people. At some point during the 100 days, I found more time for myself as I didn’t have dates anymore. For a time, I wasn’t making an effort to fill the time to meet people. I realized again that things won’t happen on its own without me taking action. I now have meet-ups lined up with family and friends for the coming weeks. I’m back!

I shall leave it at that for now. To those on LDR, stay strong!

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