Wat Lokayasutha

The sixth stop of my Ayutthaya adventure was Wat Lokayasutha.

06 Wat Lokayasutha

Wat Lokayasutha is located west of the Royal Palace. It is a massive ruin with only the basic foundation left. There is a bell tower found southwest of the ubosot.


The most famous part of Wat Lokasutha is the huge reclining Buddha covered in orange cloth. It is named Phra Buddha Sai Yat. This was my favorite location next to Wat Worachettharam.


Flowers were sold by the Buddha which people can buy as offering.


After four hours of intense heat, I decided it was the last stop of my adventure. I was pretty exhausted so I took a quick break in the tourist area where I drank soda. I wiped myself dry only to realize that I was covered with orange and red temple dust. After refreshing for ten minutes, I gathered some energy and left to go back to December House.


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  1. Brilliant. So much history.

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