Sprint to Finish 2015

I started out 2015 with high hopes of physical fitness but it turned out, it wasn’t concrete enough. Come summer, I started to spiral down, hesitant to go to any event with intense physical activity unless Reg was interested. Good thing Reg was adventurous because I was actually able to trek once last summer.

Come June to July, Reg prepared to leave for his overseas program while I had a really hectic schedule at work – additional scope and role. I spent almost 100% of my energy doing work and spending time with family. I wasn’t so motivated to keeping myself fit. That’s when I gained weight, more than the acceptable tolerance of my clothes. I suddenly understood how it felt to not fit in to one’s pants and dresses. The feeling was dreadful. Though weight acceptance is relative, I have grown more respect when dealing with weight issues as some people are definitely going through something much worse than I was.

When I traveled to Japan for vacation and a wedding, I was quite aware of my physical state. I was decided to change the course of my life. I started to gain motivation to exercise again. Come December, I sprinted to the finish! I want to cap off the year 2015 with a list of unexpected fitness achievements that amazed me when I was able to tick them off my bucket list.


01 – I faced reality. I came to accept my weight to be at higher base. Trying to achieve my weight before would just kill me. It would take much perseverance, discipline and habit to gain it back in a healthy way. I was in denial of the fact that I was gaining weight and it is natural. I’ve crossed over to a medium for most stores. I’m embracing it but still striving to be fit and healthy.

02 – I kept myself away from illness. I haven’t gotten sick lately and that should be maintained. I recall my sister making a remark about how sickly I was in 2014. I was set to change it last year and I definitely did.

03 – I was open to change. I tried Zumba and Plana Forma last December 2015. Who would have thought that opportunities would come for me to grab! My mom and I attended a 2-hour Zumba Party in the Palace Pool Club which entailed one free class to any session in Plana Forma.



The Zumba party was so much fun! Different instructors took turns teaching short routines of different dance types. I rested when hip hop sessions came because I couldn’t get the groove. To add to that, the scorching heat wasn’t helping as well since the venue was in an open space and at the peak of morning heat. My mom rested after one hour while I continued on until the end of the party.


Since my mom was not interested in availing the free class, I had two tickets for my disposal. I used one of the tickets last Dec 8 when it was a holiday and enjoyed the Core Plana Forma at 8am in the morning. I was with four other strong women and I felt I was the weakest as I couldn’t raise my legs as high as they could. What amazed me more was how they treated the Plana Forma class as warm up to the Zumba session that followed after while I relaxed and took a bath. Now that’s a mommy goal!

04 – I created a more realistic goal. I managed to hit my target to jog at least once on weekdays and once on weekend so I can reach the exercise frequency of twice per week. With my new shoes and sports wear from Reg, I am more inspired to exercise!

This coming year…

01 – I need to keep the motivation to keep moving. I want to maintain my jogging frequency and have an extra fitness to top that. I am thinking of continuing the core Plana Forma classes. I’m still pondering about whether I’ll continue ballet classes for fitness as Plana Forma was more dynamic that included exercises for the arms.

02 – I want to try new things. There are many things to try such as Trapeze, Wall Climbing and Archery. I’m foreseeing a fun-filled birthday month! I’m glad that someone is home to celebrate with me!

03 – I need to keep my snacks at bay. This one, I  don’t have a plan yet on how to achieve. hehe!

04 – I need to take care of my body by sleeping enough and caring for my skin. I need to continue using my Beauty products because I want to age well like my mother.

That is it! It looks like my fitness goals are in place and ready for execution!! Year 2016, here I come!

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